With substantially advance equipments (e.g, LC/MS/MS, GC/MS, LC/MS, GC, HPLC, AAS, etc.) and well trained staffs, OMIC Bangkok Laboratory keeps up to date with all the latest technologies to maintain the highest standards in all aspects of its activities.

Our services include analysis of 
   ·  Pesticides & Chemical Residues
   ·  Antibiotics, Synthetic antimicrobials and Allergens
   ·  Food additives and Vitamins
   ·  Natural Poisons / Mycotoxin
   ·  Heavy metals and other elements
   ·  Microorganisms (TPC, Coliform, Streptococcus, etc.)
   ·  Proximate analysis and Nutritional composition
   ·  Physical Analysis of Agricultural Products
   ·  Sugar and Molasses (Polarization, color, TSAI, Brix, moisture, etc.)
   ·  Tapioca products (Starch, Viscosity, HCN, SO2, etc.)
   ·  Water and Waste water
   ·  etc.

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