Fumigation is the most effective insect control measure with considerably low cost. to control the targetpest in gaseous state  and good condition of enclosure when agricultural products are permeable for gas penetration. Effective fumigation can surely prolong the storage and can retain the seed or product quality and weight as well.

We are accredited as the fumigation company by

  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) under The Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS), Australia
  • The office of Agriculture Regulation, Department of Agriculture,Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand

Fumigation services

  • Fumigation of cargoes in vessel hold, container and barge
  • Fumigation of stock cargoes
  • Fumigation of bag/bulk cargoes using re-circulation system (J-system)
  • Fumigation for wood packaging material complied to ISPM No.15
  • Fumigation as per Australian regulation

Scope of products to be fumigated

  • Agricultural Products (e.g. rice, tapioca products, beans, maize, wheat flour  etc.)
  • Packing Materials & others (e.g. wooden pallet, box, crate, case, picture frame, documents etc.)


  • Aluminium phosphide
  • Magnesium phosphide
  • Methyl bromide
  • Mixed gas (Phosphine and CO2)

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    Fumigation Methods

    Standard treatment accredited by


    Effective fumigation has been our target to fulfill customer's need. So that, fumigation teams usually work step by step carefully as following.


    Fumigation Services

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