Personal Data Protection Policy

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Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co., Ltd. (OMIC)

1. Intent

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co., Ltd. respects and attaches great importance to individual privacy and the protection of personal data of our staff, customers and business partners. Our Company protects personal data against illicit use and handles the aforementioned data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (AD 2019).

2. Details of personal data collected, stored, used and publicized by the Company:

2.1 Title, name and surname, date of birth, sex, age, position, contact details and contact records
2.2 Nationality, photocopies of identification papers (photocopies of identity cards or passports), and details of the owner of the data (in case of being in charge of service provision)
2.3 Contact data, such as the various numbers of telephones, facsimile, LINE application, SMS, the email address, photographs, bank account and tax payer number, and the means of contact by any other communication devices including any data shared by the owner of the data with the Company on a voluntary basis, such as proposals and opinions
2.4 Data analysis and related statistics including market research sent to the owner of the data
2.5 The use of cookies: cookies are small files that collect data of a person visiting a website. Our Company may use cookies for the purpose of remembering and understanding the requirements of a
person at the time of visiting our Company´s website. These data are then recorded and used for statistical analysis until the service user deletes the cookies or refuses permission for further use of any cookies.

3. Objectives

Our Company collects and stores personal data directly from the owner of the data for using and publicizing these data among third persons with the following objectives:
3.1 When providing any kind of service for the owner of the data our Company may have third persons carry out the duties in the name of our Company, such as the reception and the delivery of samples, laboratory tests, merchandise inspection services, the smoking out of pests and other insects. Those persons have access to the aforementioned data to a certain degree that is necessary for carrying out their duties. This does not enable those persons to use those data for any other purposes but the provision of services for the owner of the data.
3.2 Research on, monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the owner´s data for the purpose of improving our service or developing and proposing new services so as to better meet the requirements of the owner of the data       
3.3 The service of managing various kinds of related risks
3.4 Acting in accordance with the rule of law, regulations or the binding committments made to the public sector or the various supervising divisions
3.5 Exercising rights in compliance with contracts
3.6 Acting according to the policy on the inner operations of our Company.
3.7 The operation and support of marketing and sales including public relations promoting the various services
3.8 Monitoring, checking and evaluating the services of our Company, and managing the relations between the Company and our staff.

4. Duties and responsibilities

4.1 Managers

4.1.1 Policies and guidelines are to be drawn up prescribing personal data protection suitable for our Company that are consistent with the policies and guidelines stipulated by the Revenue Code, the various laws passed by the public sector and the particular business laws with regard to our Company.
4.1.2 Frameworks of persons in control are to be set up, such as divisions or individual persons that are in charge of supervision of operations making sure that operations run in compliance with the rules of procedure.
4.1.3 Supervision of performance to ensure that policies and guidelines and the rules of procedure are complied with.

4.2 Divisions / individual persons in charge of supervision / data collectors

4.2.1 Notifying the owner of the personal data of the objectives, terms and conditions and the various rights including the request for consent before collecting any data
4.2.2 The establishing of safety measures covering the collection of any personal data
4.2.3 Corrections or changes to or the deleting of any data requested by the owner of the personal data.

 5. Guidelines

5.1 Collection of personal data

5.1.1 Notifying the owner of the personal data of the objectives of the collection and use of the data, and requesting the owner´s consent before collecting any personal data
5.1.2 Personal data are not to be collected which refer to nationality, race, skin colour, political opinions, religious confession and beliefs or any other data that may be the cause of choosing unfair practices or an unequal treatment of any person.

5.2 The handling of personal data

5.2.1 Establishing safety measures covering the collection of any personal data in accordance with the law in order to prevent destruction, modification, alterations and the gaining of access to the data without permission
5.2.2 Safe keeping of the personal data according to the objectives the owner of the personal data was informed of and in compliance with legal provisions.

5.3 Exercising the right to access personal data

5.3.1 The owner of the personal data has the right to request copies of his own data.
5.3.2 In the case where those data are incorrect, the owner of the personal data has the right to inform of the fact in order to have the personal data corrected, changed or deleted. The Company will then record as evidence the objection, the storage, the correctness or any other relevant acts pertaining to the personal data.
*In this regard, please be informed that if the owner of the personal data exercises his right to delete his  personal data, our Company may not be able to provide any service to that customer anymore.

 5.4 Use or publication of personal data

5.4.1 In addition to our objectives, the Company will not use or publicize any personal data nor will any personal data be made known to any third person unless stipulated by law otherwise.
5.4.2 The owner of the personal data has the right to deny the use or publication of personal data in addition to the objectives specified.
5.4.3 The Company may make known personal data to representatives carrying out duties on behalf of the Company and also to third persons in the following cases:
- persons providing business services to the Company, representatives of the Company including associate companies or contractors using the personal data so as to be able to provide their services according to agreements, who all are required to act in accordance with the provisions of their local personal data protection laws
 - business alliances, trading partners and divisions that are able to access and use the personal data for the purpose of jointly setting up programs promoting marketing activities
 - representatives who use the personal data for legal proceedings for the benefit of investigations or the rendering of judgment in a court of law.

5.5 The destroying of personal data

5.5.1 In the case where any personal data stored does not relate to or is in excess of what is needed according to the objectives of Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co., Ltd., those data will be destroyed or deleted from the storage system by safe methods without becoming known to outsiders.
5.5.2 After having used personal data according to the Company´s objectives for a period of not less than 10 years our Company will destroy and delete these personal data from the storage system except for cases where storage is required by provisions of the law. 

6. Contact us :

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Remarks: The Company may amend or make additions to our policy on individual privacy without prior notification. In this regard, an announcement will be made on our website by specifying the date of our last amendments and additions. It is considered that the owners of personal data will accept the changes made to our policy. Our Company will not inform the owners of personal data of the aforementioned changes personally.
Mr. Akira Morimoto
General Manager
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